Why We Love to Travel

We have always loved to travel from the time we met; Chris was active duty Air Force stationed in Anchorage, Alaska. Our adventures with camping started with tents, pop ups, rented campers, and eventually owned a travel trailer. Since those days we bought and sold a 5th wheel toy hauler and now own a 5th wheel. We have traveled across Canada and the United States and been on many cruises (We love the Caribbean)..

Life is an adventure, we want to travel and explore as much as we can. Our daughter has gone on many of our adventures with us and now she has decided to come off the road to work full time and go to college.

Life is short, we have many reasons why we live the RV life most of which is covered in our YouTube videos. We spent many years doing “Alaskan adventures” but felt the pull to see other beautiful parts of the world. As with many RV’ers we sold everything and hit the road to enjoy every moment.